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The goals of the Maude project are supporting formal executable specification, declarative programming, and a wide range of formal methods as means to achieve high-quality systems in areas much as: software engineering, networks, distributed computing, bioinformatics, and formal tool development.

Research Interests

The members of the Maude team have research interests spanning a variety of different fields, although all of them related to the development and application of formal methods. In addition to the development of Maude itself, other areas in which the members of the group are working and applying Maude to include:

  • General Logics and Logical Frameworks
  • Specification Languages
  • Declarative Programming Languages
  • Semantics of Programming Languages and Models of Computation
  • Concurrent and Distributed Systems
  • Formal Tools and Formal Interoperability
  • Reflection and Metaprogramming
  • Object-Oriented Modeling and Programming
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Bio Informatics
  • Mobile Languages
  • Network Protocols and Active Networks
  • Multi-level modelling

Members of the Maude Team


In addition to work on Maude's design and implementation, a number of researchers from different countries collaborate closely with the Maude team on theoretical foundations, different extensions of Maude, and on applications to various areas. Many of these researchers appear as coauthors of members of the group in many papers (see the recent rewriting logic bibliography).