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Maude and its formal tools have been used in many pioneering applications:

  • Semantics of hardware architectures: MCA ARMv8 architecture (XZ22).
  • Browser security: uncovering 12 kinds of unknown attacks on Internet Explorer (CMSWW07), and design and verification of the secure-by-construction Illinois’s IBOS browser (SKMT12, SMR20).
  • Cryptographic protocol analysis: Maude-NPA has analyzed many protocols and crypto-APIs modulo algebraic properties, like Yubikey&YubiHSM (GAEMM18), IBM’s CCA (GSEMM14), and PCKS#11 (GSEMM15), using unification and symbolic reachability. See EMM09. An account of the NRL protocol analyzer can be found here. Tamarin at ETH, resp. AKISS at INRIA, use Maude’s unification to analyze protocols like 5G-AKA (DC18), resp. RFID (GK17).
  • Cloud transaction system formalization and analysis: Cassandra (LNGRG15), Google’s Megastore (GO14), P-Store (O17), etc. (Betal18), using SMC.
  • Analysis of real-time and cyber-physical systems: CASH scheduling (OC06), sensor (OT09) and MANET (LOM16) networks, timed security protocols (AEMMS20), PALS transformation from synchronous to correct distributed real-time systems (MO12, BMO12) enables model checking of complex models such as AADL and Ptolemy models (BOM14) and distributed control of airplane maneuvers (BKMO12).
  • Models of cell signaling used to explain drug effects, identify pathogen attack surfaces, etc. (Pathway Logic). See EKLLMS02.
  • Specification and analysis of models of Concurrency: Petri Nets (SMO01), CCS, pi-Calculus (S00), Actors (M93), REO (MSA), Orc (AM15).
  • Logical framework applications to prototype logics and build and interoperate theorem provers: Barendregt’s lambda-cube (SM04), linear logic (MM02), modal logics (OPR18), computational algebraic geometry, Maude’s Church-Rosser Checker and Inductive (DM12, DMR20) and Reachability Logic (SSM17), theorem provers, HOL-to-Nuprl translator (NSM01), integration of logic and deep-learning, etc. These applications use meta-level, search, and symbolic features.
  • Distributed databases: SNOW-​Optimal Read Atomic Transactions (L22), Replicated RAMP Transactions (LL21).
  • IoT systems: Attack Surface of Trigger-Action IoT Platforms (WDYLBG19), Automated Composition, Analysis and Deployment of IoT Applications (DG19).

Please, help us to complete this page. If you know of applications that should be in this list, email us to duran(at)lcc(dot)uma(dot)es.