Some Papers on Maude and on Rewriting Logic

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A friendly introduction to the latest advances in the Maude system has recently been published at LOPSTER 2020: [[File:maude-tapas.pdf]|Symbolic Computation in Maude: Some Tapas].

Several bibliographies and surveys on rewriting logic and Maude have been published:

  • M. Clavel, F. Durán, S. Eker, S. Escobar, P. Lincoln, N. Martí-Oliet, C. L. Talcott: Two Decades of Maude. Logic, Rewriting, and Concurrency: 232-254 (2015)

The following papers may serve as a selection of such huge body of work:

  • J. Meseguer, M. Palomino, N. Martí-Oliet: Algebraic simulations. J. Log. Algebraic Methods Program. 79(2): 103-143 (2010)

Some Additional Papers on Maude and on Rewriting Logic are available here.