Some Papers on Maude and on Rewriting Logic

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Roadmap and Bibliography

Some Relevant Papers on Maude and Rewriting Logic

  • J. Meseguer, M. Palomino, N. Martí-Oliet: Algebraic simulations. J. Log. Algebraic Methods Program. 79(2): 103-143 (2010)
  • M. Clavel, F. Durán, S. Eker, P. Lincoln, N. Martí-Oliet, J. Meseguer, J.F. Quesada:

Maude: specification and programming in rewriting logic. Theor. Comput. Sci. 285(2): 187-243 (2002)

  • All About Maude-A High-Performance Logical Framework: How to Specify, Program, and Verify Systems in Rewriting Logic

M Clavel, F Durán, S Eker, P Lincoln, N Martí-Oliet, J Meseguer, C Talcott Springer

Some Additional Papers on Maude and on Rewriting Logic