Rewriting Logic: Roadmap and Bibliography

Narciso Martí-Oliet and José Meseguer


The theory and applications of rewriting logic have been vigorous ly developed by researchers all over the world during the past eleven years. The attached bibliography includes more than three hundred papers related to rewriting logic that have been published so far. Three international workshops on rewriting logic have been held in the United States, France, and Japan [222,167,139], and a fourth will be held in Italy in 2002. Furthermore, as explained later in this roadmap, several language implementations and a variety of formal tools have also been developed and have been used in a wide range of applications.

Several snapshots of the state of rewriting logic research--some more global in scope, and others restricted to specific areas such as concurrency or objectbased systems--have appeared so far [223,227,229,228]. The present survey is another such snapshot, but it is restricted on purpose on two counts: first in its length, which is relatively short; and second in discussing only work within the rewriting logic area. In particular, no attempt has been made to discuss work on related approaches serving as logical or semantic frameworks. In fact, it is not even a detailed survey of work in rewriting logic; instead, as its name suggests, it is a roadmap to help somebody interested in this area get the lay of the land, that is, a first general overview of the main concepts, results, and applications in what we think is a promising research area. In particular, the references cited in the roadmap do not try to be exhaustive, but only to give some illustrative examples. However, the bibliography itself contains all the relevant references that we are aware of at this time.

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